About Al Bayan Group

Evolution, the Corporate Way

A transformation, better referred to as evolution. It has been a significant passage through stages of progression; the evolution of concepts, articulation of ideas, strategic implementation, superior economic performance and utmost customer comfort.

Al Bayan Group, the corporate, has evidently traced a route of growth over a span of two decades in the UAE. The strong belief in the concept of collaborative growth that embraces diverse culture and the unprecedented efforts towards a compelling goal helped the Group to script the tales of success in a sequence.

The current portfolio of the Al Bayan Group of companies comprises of versatile business operations in both service and manufacturing industries that include healthcare, marine engineering, allied industries and fast food.

Multifaceted. The Portfolio.

Al Bayan firmly believes in providing complete care and attention in whatever it does. The ventures in manufacturing and service industries remain testimony to the same.

The Mission and vision co-exists. It is to fulfill the objectives with stringent quality measures conforming to the highest standards through diverse range of solutions, especially in health and hygiene sectors. To strive consistently to deliver impeccable service that exceeds customer expectations finding more room for innovation and process improvement, thereby rendering quality lifestyle to the community.

Strategically located at Dubai Investment Park, Jebel Ali where investment opportunities are thriving with the emerging prospects of Dubai, Al Bayan is all geared up to take on the merits of the UAE government’s investor-friendly attitude and the region’s technological upper hand.

The highly dedicated team of professionals and associates commit themselves to uphold the true values of the Al Bayan corporate philosophy – anytime, anywhere.